• Every Tuesday at 1900 on the KA1RCI Repeater Network.
  • While the linking system is down we will run 3 independent nets on these machines:
    • 145.17 Cumberland
    • 146.985 Exeter
    • 147.39 Westerly
  • Exercise and fun drills for emergency practice, including traffic handling, emergency power, and other things… ideas welcome.
  • Open to all licensed operators
  • Net Manager – Paul N1PSX
  • Net Control – RI ARES Leadership Members

Other Emergency Service Nets

Ocean State Emergency Communications Alliance (OSECA) VHF Net

  • Suspended while the KA1RCI Repeater Network link is down.
  • This alliance was created through a cooperative discussion with local Emergency Management Agency Ham Radio Team leaders who are eager to create an opportunity for Amateur radio operators in RI to practice and coordinate their ability to serve as Emergency Communicators.
  • Open to all licensed operators.
  • The purpose of this net is to promote interaction and cooperation between the organizations and individual Amateur radio operators involved in Emergency Communication in Rhode Island. We seek to provide a free exchange of information among those organizations and individuals, and also to make other Amateur radio operators aware of opportunities to serve as Emergency Communicators
  • Any licensed Amateur is welcome to participate in this net. You do not need to be affiliated with any emergency management agency or disaster response organization to check in.
  • Net Manager – John WA1ABI/SK

The Maritime Mobile Service Net

  • Operational every day from 12:00pm until 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time, and from 12:00pm until 10:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, on the 20 meter *Global Emergency Center Of Activity frequency of 14.300 MHz as outlined by the International Radio Union.
  • All amateur radio operators are invited to participate simply by checking in.  If you have a phone patch at your station, please tell the net control station and he/she will certainly try to put you to work!


  • Every Wednesday at 1900 on the KA1RCI Repeater Network.
  • While the link is down the net will run on the 146.76 KR1RI Scituate repeater.
  • During severe weather events the net activates at least daily at 1900 and more often as needed.
  • Open to all licensed operators
  • Net Manager – Martin N1JMA

Other Local Nets

RI Swap and Sell Net

  • A place where amateur operators can swap and sell items
  • Every Saturday morning at 0900 on the KA1RCI Repeater Network.
  • Nets runs on the 145.17 Cumberland repeater while the network is unlinked.
  • The net is followed by a broadcast of ARRL Audio News
  • Net Managers – Dan KA1BNO and Steve AA1PQ