RI ARES & 2019 NOAA/NWS/NHC Hurricane Awareness Tour

This past Monday, May 6th, saw the most recent Hurricane Awareness Tour sponsored by the National Hurricane Center, The National Weather Service, and several others. Many agencies and NGOs supported the event, from the American Red Cross to the RI Emergency Management Agency and FEMA.

Rhode Island Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) provided logistical communications support for the event, providing 18 radio communicators, VHF radio communications stations and an HF radio station for communications with the National Hurricane Center in Florida. RI ARES was in turn supplemented and supported by the Eastern MA ARES team.

The event went well, and the P3 and C-130 aircraft were a big hit with school kids and the general public. The day started off a bit misty and cloudy, but warmed up by noon and the sun came through for making a beautiful afternoon. I don’t know if an actual head count is available, but I am safe in saying there were several hundreds of visitors to the event.